Welcome to Hack Club SKCET!

Hack Club SKCET is the coding community of Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. We are a chapter of hackclub.com. Hacker, technologist, entrepreneur, coder, geek, pro or noob - Hack Club SKCET welcomes you to be a part of our fam. We encourage students to take part in various competitive and collaborative coding events that take place across the world. We maintain a active community where we discuss healthy topics and grow together. Apart from technical stuff, we also host movie nights, mini games and much more on our Discord server.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to enable students to take part in competitive and collaborative coding activities. Our vision is to maintain a healthy community for coders at SKCET.

Projects & achievements

We take part in domestic and international events. All the achievements and information about the projects done by Hack Clubbers are posted in projects & achievements page.


We always make sure that our community is a safe space for all kinds of audiences. We have a set of rules that we expect all our members to follow. The rules are listed here.

Upcoming events

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